The South Australian Food Users’ Guide brings you nine unique masterclasses created by experts in the South Australian food industry to help you make the most of our amazing produce.

Your Menu Story

With great South Australian produce and some imagination, you can turn your menu into a magical food journey. Use this masterclass to create food stories for your menu. More >>

Bakery: Flour Power

Understanding the origins and unique qualities of products you use every day helps to enrich your individual food story. More >>

Cereals & Grains: In the Grain

South Australia is renowned for its quality grains. As food processor and consumer interest grows, so do the markets for other types of grains and the products they’re used for. This masterclass gives a taste of our crop. More >>

Dairy & Eggs: Art of Cheese

South Australia has a thriving artisan cheese industry, offering a diverse range of hard and soft cheeses made from local cow, goat and sheep milks. Whether basing a dish around a single cheese or showcasing a selection on a platter, there’s never been a better time to celebrate some of South Australias’s best and brightest stars. More >>

Fruit & Vegetables: Star of the Show

Fresh, in-season vegetables deserve to be the centre of attention, or as this masterclass suggests, the hero on the plate. Knowing how best to use South Australia’s vast array of fresh, and flavoursome vegetables extends beyond the kitchen and plate. More >>

Fruit & Vegetables: Going Native

Australia’s edible native plant foods have been a part of our national landscape and Aboriginal diet for thousands of years. Discover a new world of flavours to thrill your tastebuds and enhance your menu. More >>

Meat: No Longer Secondary

For a little extra effort, the rewards of getting to know and using secondary cuts of meat can be significant. Knowing what to look for, and matching appropriate cuts with the optimal cooking method, will deliver outstanding results for an affordable price. More >>

Poultry & Game: Are You Game?

Game meats have unique flavour profiles and are often lower in fat and cholesterol than other, more readily available meat products. Discover some of South Australia’s game meats with this masterclass. More >>

Seafood: Seafood Success

South Australia’s diverse and abundant seafood industry offers a wonderful opportunity to present some of the finest quality seafood in the world on your menu. This masterclass provides expert advice on preparing calamari, Hiramasa kingfish, King George whiting and blue swimmer crab, ready for use in your own recipes. More >>

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