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Yumbah Aquaculture Ltd

Yumbah Aquaculture is the largest supplier of cultured greenlip abalone in the world and a pioneer of the Australian abalone aquaculture industry.

All of our farms are nestled on the scenic shores of the Great Southern Ocean, a sea renowned for its clean, unpolluted and crystal clear waters. This is the environment that gives our abalone the sweet subtle flavour and tender texture, and that enables us to consistently deliver only the very highest quality seafood. Our sustainable methods and excellent logistics mean that we can ensure a consistent supply all year round.

Yumbah’s Pure Australian Abalone™ range includes individually-quick-frozen Greenlip Abalone (whole in shell or meat only) and canned abalone. With its pearl white meat, and distinctive taste and texture along with our state-of-art freezing technology, frozen Greenlip Abalone is the pride of our brand. Live abalone is also available for our Australian customers.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

You can find Pure Australian Abalone™ in numerous retail outlets within and outside Australia, including Costco Wholesale stores. Our products are also available through wholesalers and have been appreciated among top chefs and establishments in the food service industry all over the world.

  • Processing capabilities: Blast chilling/freezing, Export licence storage, Freezing, Hand packing, Seafood processing

Pure Australian Frozen Greenlip Abalone are snap frozen as soon as they are harvested before being packed. This process involves bringing down the temperature of the abalone as quickly as possible to below freezing, preserving the freshness, subtle taste, and distinctive texture.

  • Packaging capabilities: Box, Labelling, Bag or pouch, Can or tub, Hand packed
  • Yumbah’s rapid freezing processes, packaging solutions and storage procedures ensure delivery of the best quality product. Frozen in shell available 5-14 whole per pack in 10x10kg packs. IQF meat available in weight ranges of 20g to 50g. Our canned abalone is guaranteed 213 gram drained weight.