RSD 72 Sanderston via, PALMER, SA 5237

Thornby Premium Foods

Thornby Premium Lamb is part of a family owned and operated SA farming business specialising in the production of superior quality lambs available to supermarkets, butcher shops and foodservice all year round in whole carcass form.

The McGorman family has been living on and farming their property ‘Thornby’ at Sanderston on SA’s Murray Plains for over 120 years. Over this multi-generational timeframe the family has become skilled in the art of grain and prime lamb production.
For the past decade the family has been refining their expertise in finishing their lambs with the aim of producing a consistent, premium product.

  • Meat (Lamb)
  • Distribution: Food service

Thornby Premium Lamb offers consumers superior eating traits, a result of the unique grain finishing system where food safety and animal welfare are paramount. Involvement right through the supply chain ensures only the best possible lamb is produced and then hand selected and graded before reaching the customer. Thornby Premium Lamb can boast to be one of Australia’s only truly traceable lamb producers holding accreditation to the National Livestock Production Scheme – Quality Assurance audited by AusMeat, one of only a small handful across Australia.

  • Markets: Domestic

Thornby Premium Lamb is ideal for supermarkets, butchers and foodservice that are looking for year-round, consistent, premium whole carcass lamb that offers their customers a real story and fully traceable product.


    Thornby Premium Lamb is available to supermarkets, butcher shops and food service as whole fresh carcasses with weights upon request. Typical weights are in the 23-26kg range. Professional promotional materials such as aprons, caps, brochures and posters are available.