24 Shearer Drive, SEAFORD, SA 5169

Rinaldi Confectionery

Rinaldi artisan crafted honey nougats are mouth-watering confections, with a lineage that traces back to ancient Rome.

South Australia is now home to some of the finest honey nougat in the world, thanks to Roberto Rinaldi and a childhood tradition of making the family’s favourite sweet. After much encouragement to market his labour of love, traditional manufacturing equipment was imported from Italy and adapted for modern use and in November 1994, Rinaldi Confectionery (Dolciaria Rinaldi) was born.

Roasted Almond Honey Nougat,; our premium gift box 175g range, is available in three honey flavours; iron bark, orange blossom and leatherwood. Rinaldi Soft Honey Nougats; we currently have four varieties in this range, all with a softer texture (Soft Almond, made with blue gum honey blend, 86g labelled clear wrapper; Soft Hazelnut, made with Orange Blossom honey blend, 86g labelled clear wrapper; Soft Macadamia, made with meadow honey blend, 86g labelled clear wrapper; Soft Chocolate Hazelnut, made with pure honey, 86g labelled clear wrapper).

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

The complete range of Rinaldi artisan crafted honey nougats are now available throughout Australia, with specialised distributors in each region. Selected items are also available from Haigh’s Chocolates outlets.

  • Packaging capabilities: Bag or pouch, Box, Flow wrap, Luxury packaging, Recyclable
  • The gift box (175g) range is packed into inners of 12, which are subsequently packed 6 into a shipper. The Soft Honey Nougat range is either packed into inners of 24, then six into a shipper, or packed into display boxes of 12, which are then packed 16 into a shipper.

  • Storage: Ambient, Chilled