87 Harrison Road, DUDLEY PARK, SA 5008


An industry leading Australian food manufacturer, pioneering the way for UHT liquid cheese, dairy and tomato based sauces, contract packing and recipe development.

Established in 1991, MexEx is driven by innovation and sustainability with recent acquisitions of the latest food processing technology such as aseptic pouch packaging, Shaka Retort, UHT inline cooking system and other equipment to provide customers with the competitive edge to stay ahead.

OurUHT Liquid Cheese is a speciality, designed to withstand high baking heat without running or bubbling too vigorously, yet still pumpable. Other products, which can be catered to customer requirements, include dairy based selections such as sour cream, pasta sauces, creme brulee and liquid butters, plus non dairy products including salsa, marinades and sauces.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

MexEx customers include both domestic and export industrial manufacturers, quick service restaurants, food service, retail and contract packing. Export countries include Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China and the Middle East.


    Vertical form filled (choice of diamond and rectangular shaped piping bags from 500g to 5kg). Pouches (choice of pillow or stand up with spout and/or tear notch from 50g to 2kg. Can be fully printed or clear), and bulk (aseptic, choice of bag in one way box or returnable containers, available 250kg and 1000kg).