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Lifestyle Bakery

Creating nutritious and innovative bakery products for your lifestyle.

Lifestyle Bakery has been established for more than 10 years and is a market leader in creating and providing a unique selection of high quality bread and other baked goods. Our specialty lies in making a wide range of baked goods from a broad selection of functional ingredients that cater to the health, dietary and lifestyle requirements of our customers. Over the years we have created a nutritious and delicious selection of products that can be chosen from Gluten Free, Sprouted Grain, Wheat Alternative and Healthy Living selections. Each selection is unique in its features and benefits.

The gluten free range offers a large variety of bread, rolls, pizza bases, breadcrumbs and coating mixes that will make your life easier and more flavoursome. The Sprouted Grain range is unique as it contains no flour and is made from certified organic ingredients. The Wheat Alternative range is made with organic spelt and sourdough culture, great for those who want an alternative to traditional wheat. While the Healthy Living range is made with lupin, a great choice for weight control.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

We currently supply gluten free products to a number of major food manufacturers in Australia & New Zealand, our gluten free products are becoming increasingly popular within this market allowing manufacturers to extend their product range to meet the growing demand for a gluten free lifestyle. Products are also supplied to a large number Food Service & Retail customers in Australia & New Zealand.