Homestead Lovers

A fledgling company based in Mannum South Australia specialising in innovative dried food products including survival food, instant meals, hiking and camping food, fruit powders, vegetable powders, out of the ordinary spice blends, fruit spices and much more. All preservative free and handmade from local produce.

Retired couple, Joy and Martin spent over 30 years in the North West of WA before moving to Mannum for a tree change. Joy has always had a fascination with food experimentation and after studying Homesteading and similar movements found their move to Mannum a perfect place to put everything into practice. Joy is the sole food creator while Martin works in the background building sheds, tending to the ever growing garden and sampling new products. We source locally grown, chemical free or organic produce and turn them into convenient, instant, preservative free food.

We offer a range of dried fruit and vegetable products, some are single fruit or vegetable or a mixture to create meals, stocks, spices etc. We have very recently included nut products to our list including dried nuts, nut flours, and activated nuts. We also make a popular supergreen powder which started as a by-product, it consists of fruit and vegetable greens that we don’t use in other products and bulked up with spinach and kale.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

We currently sell at the Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market each Saturday. Our aim is to increaseand keep up our market presence to engage with new customers and test new products, but our focus will be wholesale. We promote sales via our website, and currently have a few international customers.

  • Processing capabilities: Container filling, Dry fill and blending, Free from, Freezing, Hand packing, High care and specialty, Vegetable processing

All our products are dried in a dehydrator, some products are preheated. Pre-treatments include; blanching, blanching with citrus powder, syrup blanching, boiled and mashed, roasted, and activated. We offer raw food friendly products which are dehydrated under 47c. Most products are dehydrated at around 57C. Once the product is dry we then turn the dry food into a powder if applicable then package the product using scales or by measuring cup size.

  • Packaging capabilities: Bag or pouch, Jar, Modified atmosphere or vacuum
  • For the Farmers’ market and similar events we package our products in jars.
    For postal orders or on request we vacuum pack our products.
    We would like to investigate using pouches in the future. We currently design and print our own labels.

  • Storage: Ambient