15 Woodcone Road, MOUNT COMPASS, SA 5210

feather & Peck

Feather & PECK produce premium pastured free range eggs on family farms at Yundi and Willunga on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Feather & PECK pastured free range eggs adhere to multi-species, pasture raised farming practices which mimic nature, control parasites and weeds, and sustainably improve production rates. Stocked at less than 25 hens per hectare, our hens forage free in open paddocks by day – eating bugs and providing natural fertiliser. They roost in mobile trailers by night and are moved weekly to new pasture.

Premium shell quality and flavour with higher levels of vitamins A and E and omega 3’s than confined hens (in cages or large barns)

  • Premium pastured free range eggs available in boxes of 15 dozen – sorted and packed in dozen egg cartons (minimum 600, 700, 800gm)
  • Caterers boxes of GOOGLIES (the wrong ‘uns, unsorted) tray packed
  • Caterer’s boxes of 600 and 700gm equivalent tray packed
  • Markets: SA only

Domestic – Foodland supermarkets, providores such as butchers, fruit and veg stores. Caterers, cafes and restaurants.