7 North Quay Boulevard, PORT LINCOLN, SA 5606

Clean Seas

Located in a world-class clean and green environment along the Spencer Gulf on South Australia's pristine Eyre Peninsula, Clean Seas is an integrated operation covering aquaculture from egg to plate.

Clean Seas is the largest farmer of Yellowtail Kingfish in Australia, proudly imposing the toughest standards to deliver the highest quality. Our farming activities go above and beyond required legislation and world’s best practice standards. The use of man-made feeds, minimal stocking densities and site following practices delivers a fish which is totally sustainable.

By focusing our efforts on two indigenous local species (Yellowtail Kingfish and Southern Bluefin Tuna) we’ve been able to develop premium fish produced by world’s best-practice methods that is undeniably delicious. Hiramasa Yellowtail Kingfish is a firm-fleshed table fish with white to pale pink flesh, a sweet, rich and clean flavour, broad flaked texture and minimal bone structure.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

Clean Seas products are exported across the world to countries including: United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.