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Charlie’s Group Australia

To squeeze, crush and press the freshest fruit, bottle it and deliver to you the most honest 'not from concentrate' drinks possible.

At Charlie’s we like to keep things pretty simple. In 1999 we got to thinking the right thing to do was use only the freshest, most natural ingredients we could lay our hands on to give you the best juice possible. Hey Presto! Our Honest Squeezed Orange Juice and Honest Pressed Apple Juice quickly became a huge hit.

Charlie’s product range includes Honest Juices, Smoothies, Quenchers, Juice Drinks, Water and Fresh Fruit.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

Charlie’s Drinks and Fruit are available from selected cafes, supermarkets and other retail outlets in Australia and New Zealand.


    All bottled for retail ranging from 300ml to 2 litre depending on variety.