PO Box 600, LOBETHAL, SA 5241

Australian Pure Fruits

Australian Pure Fruits is located at Lobethal in the pristine Adelaide Hills. We are a fruit processor and beverage manufacturer.

Australian Pure Fruits is an Australian family owned business going back to 1899. The premises are split between production of pureed fruit and vegetables and carbonated beverages. We produce a wide range of products including fruit puree, carbonated drink, and juice.

River Port soft drinks: 330ml glass, 600ml PET, 1.25Lt PET (12 flavours); Sommer Naturals juice: 300ml glass (12 flavours); Coast Craft Brewed: 330ml glass preservative free soft drink (9 flavours); Murray Valley: 250ml glass (4 flavours); Feel’n Seedy: 330ml carbonated vitamin drink (3 flavours).

  • Markets: ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA, Export

Distributed throughout Australia. South Australia being our home state, we sell through independent supermarkets IGA and Foodland and our products are available in a range of route outlets. Currently expanding to export markets in Asia, Middle East and Europe.