South Australian produce contributes 35% of the state’s total merchandise exports and contributed a record $25 billion to the state’s economy in 2015. Our major markets include Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the United States.

Our major markets include Japan, Hong Kong and the United States. China is also an increasingly important market.

Premium seafood is a flagship export from South Australia, adding significant value to our state’s economy. The most famous of these products are Southern Bluefin Tuna, abalone and Southern Rock Lobster, products prized in the premium markets of Japan, Hong Kong and China.

Our lamb, sheep and beef also enjoy international acclaim for quality, texture and flavour on the plate and our grain, particularly wheat and barley – and the malt and beer produced from it – are in demand in both interstate and overseas markets.

South Australia’s horticulture industry, notably our potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, citrus and almonds, are exported internationally and interstate. And, to complete the export ‘meal’, South Australia also exports around $30m worth of cheese, and our locally made butter and yogurt is a growing segment.

Did you know?

  • We started our export career early. South Australian grain growers and winemakers were already established export success stories by the late 1800s, only 50 or so years after settlement.
  • • South Australia grows around 30% of Australia’s almond production and Australia overall is now the second largest producer of almonds (after California). Our biggest customer for almonds is Japan.
  • The value of our seafood exports is increased substantially by efficient processing to preserve quality. This might just involve cleaning, gutting and filleting but the state’s producers also add value by canning and smoking.

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