South Australia is surrounded by pristine land and sea, and renowned for its ‘clean and green’ status and Mediterranean climate.

We have a gentle Mediterranean climate that nurtures everything from citrus to seafood, and unique microclimates such as the tiny strip of terra rossa soil called Coonawarra where olives, almonds and grapes flourish, and the productive cropping pastures of Kangaroo Island, protected by a natural marine barrier from pest and disease. Even the famously challenging terrain of the Flinders Ranges harbours a naturally rich micro-environment known as the ‘northern fruit bowl’, where the frost-free climate suits production of avocado and a wide range of summer and winter vegetables.

South Australia’s highest value industry is food. It’s important to South Australian food businesses to protect our clean oceans and productive pastures, so we do. South Australian farmers are pioneering world’s best practice in natural resource management and the development of production systems that will ensure our fragile soils remain productive and our unique biodiversity is protected for generations to come.

The Government of South Australia has identified the production of ‘Premium Food and Wine from a Clean Environment’ as one of four key strategic priorities driving the work of Government in this state. This focus ensures continuing support for South Australia’s position as a clean, safe producer of food in world markets.

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