Your Guide to Marketing

Marketing is more than just promotions, sales or advertising. It’s about what you need to do to capture the attention and loyalty of your customers and consumers– and keep it over time. That means it touches on everything from your packaging to your website.

Marketing is not the beginning of the business process, nor is it the end. It’s the tool kit a business uses to get your messages across to everyone along your value chain about who you are, what you sell and why that product or service is better than anyone else’s.

Marketing is not a separate function in your business either. It’s very easy to set yourself the task of developing a marketing plan and forget to look at that plan in conjunction with all the other aspects of your business, from staffing to production capacity, distribution networks, consumer understanding and even legal requirements. But this approach can end up causing you big problems.

Smart businesses consider everyone on the staff and every operation from the marketing perspective to make sure any promises made can be delivered and to ensure staff and tasks are considered together in the planning of business, communication and marketing strategies.

Naming and branding

Naming and creating a brand for your business is about much more than coming up with a design for a logo. Your brand, business name and product names help to position you in the market place and will be representing you for a long time to come – so it’s important to get it right when you start out.

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Developing a marketing plan

How will you let your potential consumers know about your product or service? Once you understand your consumers’ needs and behaviour, you can develop a plan to reach them with your message to encourage them to purchase and to become loyal to your brand.

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Advertising and promotion

Quite a few decisions have to be made to create a promotional strategy that will work for your product. Advertising is only one of the things you can do.

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Using professional designers

Most of us start to think about graphic design when we think about our marketing and most of us know what we like. But do you know what will work for you? There’s much more to it than choosing a colour and typeface.

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Making the most of the digital space

Your website is an important business tool. You can use it to promote, educate, and build a consumer database. You can also use social media to talk to your consumers directly, but that won’t result in sales unless you plan ahead.

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