Your Guide to Production

The food industry, food service sector and government have a primary responsibility to ensure food is safe, requiring innovative and creative processing and manufacturing methods.

Consumers like consistency. If they enjoy a menu item or a food product, they’ll want the same experience, including the same taste and portion size, the next time they purchase it.

A range of resources is available to help businesses be consistent with their product range. Focusing on particular areas – such as improved efficiency with recipes – can mean a substantial bottom-line difference.

How will I grow the best produce?

Fresh produce is highly prized by consumers but they are notorious for wanting it presented in new and more convenient ways. The techniques for growing food and getting it to market as efficiently as possible are changing all the time as our understanding of natural resource management and food production become ever more sophisticated.

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How will I manufacture efficiently, safely and with consistent quality?

Customer and consumer expectations need to be met with consistent quality and supply.  The food industry, food service sector and government have a primary responsibility to ensure food is safe for consumers and waste is minimised. Do you know all the regulatory requirements and laws that will affect your business? And can a food technologist help you?

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How do I make sure my food products are always safe to consume?

Food safety is the responsibility of everyone in the industry. There are strict guidelines for the handling and processing of food products that you need to know.

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How do I find out how long my products will last?

The shelf life of your products and how they must be stored to retain their quality are important factors in your business. Getting the shelf life right can open up new markets, while ensuring your products are handled and stored correctly will help to protect you against the risk of poor consumer experience, complaints or litigation.

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Where do I start with packaging and labelling?

Your packaging and labelling are much more than just something to contain your product and identify it. The decisions you make about packaging and labelling have to ensure you deliver what consumers want, how they want it, and satisfy all the regulations too.

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Getting pricing right to make a profit

Working out your pricing depends on much more than what it costs you to make a product. You need to consider what it costs to distribute it in the short and long term and market it too, and what message your price sends to your consumers.

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How will my products, packaging and manufacturing processes differ from my competitors in ways that add value for the consumer?

Innovation in business and product development along the whole food chain – from grower to processor, to distributor, and on to the final consumer – is vital to gain (and keep) your competitive advantage.

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Is environmental sustainability an issue for me?

Actually, environmental sustainability is an issue for everyone because it can affect not only your bottom line but also who you can do business with.

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