Your Guide to Distribution

Distribution starts with understanding who your consumers are and where they will be shopping to buy your products. With that knowledge, you can decide where you want to sell your products, how, and who the best business partners will be to help you achieve your sales goals.

Choosing the right distribution channels for your business is critical. You might be starting small and selling your own product direct at a local market, or at the point of needing to grow larger and get your products on more shelves in more locations. Perhaps you are considering going national or targeting an international market. It’s important to have short, medium and long term goals clearly defined so that you can be confident of growing your business the right way for a successful future.

Don’t forget the actual production process is part of your distribution plan. If you are selling to retail customers, you need to meet their criteria as well as your own and you will need to back this up with a smooth and efficient system to get your products from you to your customers on time and in top condition.

Where will I sell my products?

Are you planning to sell your product locally yourself from your own shopfront or a stall at a Farmer’s Market? What about selling intrastate, interstate and overseas?

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How do I get my products on the shelves?

Are you ready to sell to the big retail chains, and if you are, how will you do it? Do you need a distributor? And what do the supermarkets want from you?

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How will I get my products to market?

You need a smooth and reliable system of getting your products to consumers, and that means an efficient and effective supply chain with partners who can help ensure the delivery of your product on time, every time and in top condition.

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What if I want to sell online?

Selling direct online is a great way to get started if you don’t have the capacity or systems in place to sell via established retailers such as supermarkets. It is also a great way to offer your full range to all consumers, anywhere.

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