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Golden North is a South Australian iconic premium quality ice cream company with a manufacturing facility based in the township of Laura.

Golden North


The formal beginnings of the current day Golden North began in 1923 in the township of Laura. Today the company has grown significantly with new markets and new products. Famous for their creamy vanilla and honey flavoured ice creams, iconic Giant Twins and an ever growing range of foodservice lines.


Golden North's ice cream is pure and natural with a rich creamy texture. The vast range includes a take home range in a variety of flavours including vanilla, boysenberry, chocolate, lime, rum & raisin, diet plus and honey. An impulse range with Giant Twins, vanilla cups, swing tubes, flavoured water ice tubes and YogNice cups. Plus a food service range of ice cream, yogurt blends and sorbets.


Retail take home range is available in tubs sized 1L up to 5L. Our impulse bars are individually wrapped and range from 100ml to 150ml with our cups sized 125ml. Our multipack ranges are available in cartons of 8, each wrapped individually and varying in size and quantity per style. Our food service ranges are available in 5L and 10L ready for catering or serving scoops.


Our retail ranges are available widely in South Australia's major supermarkets. Our Foodservice range is available in all states of Australia.


TELEPHONE +61 8 8292 3500
FACSIMILE +61 8 8292 3555
ADDRESS 2 Bradford Way Cavan SA 5094 PO Box 243 Dry Creek SA 5094



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