Maggie Beer launches new Salted Honey and Roasted Almond Ice Cream

The latest flavour to join Maggie Beer’s esteemed ice cream range, Salted Honey & Roasted Almond Ice Cream has a velvety mouthfeel that can only come from fresh cream, egg yolks and Beechworth honey; this is a richly flavoured, wonderfully dense ice cream that is equally as luscious straight from a spoon as it is atop a homemade dessert.


Salted Honey & Roasted Almond Ice Cream


As Maggie explains, “This ice cream has the unmistakable aroma and full flavour of honey, in combination with roasted almonds and just the right amount of salt, it is something quite special.”


We’re talking decidedly sophisticated ice cream. All you need is a spoon to indulge in this luscious ice cream, but if you’d like to treat yourself further, serve a scoop aside a piece of homemade baklava still warm from the oven.


Extravagance – yes. Apologies – no!


Get the full scoop here

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