MexEx and Tucker’s Natural in the food and agribusiness top 50

“Using creativity to convert an idea into an invoice” is the focus of Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations released recently by Food Innovation Australia.


Food South Australia members Ceravolo Orchards (Ashton Valley Fresh), MexEx , Tucker’s Natural and Swanport Harvest are among the nation’s top 50 innovators presented in this hardcover book, as judged by a panel of technical, academic and research experts looking for examples of excellence in agriculture, food, drink, and packaging.


FIAL say this book, the first of its kind in Australia, is a rare chance to learn about the success stories of the food and agribusiness industry. From barista-friendly almond milk to automated food transport trolleys, innovation is alive and well in Australia.


Ashton Valley Fresh was recognised for their development of a new enzyme spraying system to increase juice extraction, while Tucker’s Natural’s creation of single portion size Dippers snacks for children has answered growing demand for health snacks for children. MexEx’s strategic investment in commissioning of the southern hemisphere’s first horizontal agitation retort at MexEx enabled the company to take their Nachos to Go product to new markets for gluten, additive and preservative free products, while Swanport Harvest’s intensive collaboration with seed producers and growers to produce a smaller cauliflower with less waste for home cooks put their business in the innovation spotlight.


The book is intended as a resource for business in the sector as well as a chance to celebrate, and includes summaries of the CSIRO’s seven mega trends driving industry development, such as renewability of resources, targeted nutrition, ageing and food functionality.


“Focused innovation will be critical to meet the fundamental food challenges of the next 20 years as identified in the CSIRO’s seven mega trends,” Chair of FIAL and the Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre Peter Schutz said at the official book launch at the recent Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology conference.


The book is available for sale from the FIAL website.


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