Grants of up to $10,000 to support additional employment in SA

A new grant has been established to help South Australian businesses employ additional full time, part time and casual employees.


The Job Accelerator Grant Scheme offers up to $5,000 per new job each year for two years to support new full time equivalent (FTE) jobs for businesses liable for payroll tax in South Australia with total Australian wages of $5million or less. To be eligible, the jobs must be maintained for at least 12 months.


For small businesses and start-ups not liable for payroll tax, the grant provides up to $4,000 per year for two years for each new job created and maintained for at least 12 months. This grant is open to businesses with Australian wages below the payroll tax free threshold ($600,000).


To be eligible, businesses must register a new employee within 90 days of commencement in the job.

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