Trade Waste Initiative Updated

The guidelines for the Trade Waste Initiative have been updated and are now available on the Green Industries SA website.


Changes to the guidelines include a revision of the definition of food and beverage customers to “customers with a saleable food or beverage product (wholesale or retail) that is: (a) used directly for human consumption, and/or (b) is used directly in the preparation of food or beverages for human consumption, and/or (c) is prepared from organic waste generated by other food and beverage businesses and used in the production of pet foods.


Green Industries SA are nearing the point at which they will publish the Preferred Supplier List for productivity assessments, and resource productivity assessment funding rounds will open at that time. Implementation Grant funding rounds will open later this year.


For further information, contact:


Ms Aubrey Thomas, Senior Adviser, Industry Sustainability, Office of Green Industries SA, at or on 0423 782 647.

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