The 2016 South Australian Food Industry Growth Through Innovation Project

The South Australian Food Industry Growth Through Innovation Project is being undertaken by Food South Australia, with assistance from PIRSA and the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Global Food and Resources.

The aim of this project is to identify innovation opportunities for the South Australian food industry and to identify barriers or challenges that could reduce access to those opportunities.

The project will assess market trends and capabilities and identify options that can deliver benefits to consumers and/or value chain customers, and to assess opportunities and identify pathways for collaboration and innovation. The project research process includes looking at active markets, global consumer trends and segmented consumer markets, industry capacity, current research and development activity and resources, and current government policies and programs supporting innovation in the food industry in South Australia.

The SA Food Industry Growth Through Innovation Strategy and State of the SA Food Industry survey is open to food manufacturers and producers based in South Australia, including members and non-members of Food South Australia.

What do we mean by innovation?

Innovation takes many forms. Broadly, these can be grouped as innovations in the ‘offering’ (for example, products and product performance), the ‘configuration’ (for example, business structure and processes) and the ‘experience’ (for example, service, branding, customer engagement, sales channels).
In the case of this project, the areas of innovation being explored focus on products, packaging, consumer services, value chain design and relationships, integrity and traceability systems, and new business models and partnerships.

The Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR)

The Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR) is part of the Faculty of Professions of the University of Adelaide. The researchers in the Centre undertake research in fields including economics of food value chains, innovation systems for food and agriculture, food and nutrition policy, food security, resource and environmental economics, and the role of agrifood in growth and development. The centre has conducted research projects in Australia, the European Union, North America, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Pacific islands, and Africa.

State of the SA Food Industry Survey 2016

Each year, Food South Australia surveys food manufacturers across the state and collates vital information about our industry to identify key trends and issues. Food South Australia uses that information to provide informed advice to government, to build connections across the industry and to ensure we are servicing the needs of our members and the industry.

The State of the Food Industry Survey looks at trends across the industry including key costs and activities such as utilities, raw ingredients, wages and compliance. The survey also collects data on new product development and business growth.

This year, the regular State of the Industry Survey has been combined with the South Australian Food Industry Growth Through Innovation Project so that we are only asking you to complete one survey. (For Food South Australia members, this component of the survey will also be used to update our records and your directory listing to enhance opportunities for customers looking for particular processing or packaging capabilities to find you via the Food South Australia online directory.)

And then?

The SA Food Industry Growth Through Innovation Strategy and report, and the 2016 State of the SA Food Industry report will be used as a basis to develop targeted programs to actively support South Australia’s food manufacturers and producers to attain your growth goals and to help the industry as a whole to be prepared to take maximum advantage of fast-moving opportunities for innovation.

All survey respondents who complete the survey will also receive both reports.

Key dates

The survey opens on Wednesday 8 June and closes on Monday 20 June 2016.

For more information, contact Lee Welch at or on (08) 8303 9435.

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