Department of State Development Workshop Program

The Department of State Development has launched a series of workshops to be delivered across regional and metropolitan South Australia over the next 18 months. Workshops are designed to give small businesses the knowledge and skills to take advantage of business opportunities, accelerate their growth and increase profitability.

Workshop Costs

Workshops cost $50 per participant and are run by TAFE SA and Baker Marketing (Marketing) for half a day and will generally run in the mornings 9am to 12.30pm.

Topics Covered


  • What is marketing?
  • Defining and developing your competitive edge
  • What is market planning?
  • The Marketing Checklist – Preparing your marketing plan

Staffing – Recruitment and Retention:

  • The types of employees – full time, part-time, casual, fixed-term, apprentices, sub-contractors
  • The role of the employer
  • The steps for hiring – preparing job description, advertising, preparing the job interview, conduct interviews
  • Remuneration and contracting the employee
  • Once you have the right person how do you keep them? – performance review

Cash-flow, profitability and Budget:

  • Cash-flow and what it can do for your business
  • Budgeting – developing realistic budgets and the importance of budgeting
  • Pricing strategies that work for your business
  • Practical tips for improving your cash flow:
  • Control of debtors (receivables)
  • Control of inventory
  • Internal management tools
  • Templates – to accurately formulate sales pricing based on your fixed overheads and profit
  • Understand how to read your profit and loss statements to understand the available cash in the business at any given time

Business Planning For Established Firms:

  • What is a business plan?
  • What are the benefits of planning?
  • Barriers to business planning and how to break them
  • Structure and content of a business plan
  • How to prepare and present your business plan

Visit the website for bookings or contact Ivor Hay for more information.

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