Gelista Jar Launch

Adelaide based premium gelati and ice-cream maker Gelista has officially launched its new ‘Gelista Jar’ in supermarkets today.

The Gelista Jar is a range of premium gelati and ice-cream products designed to allow consumers to be able to access a premium, restaurant quality product from the supermarket freezer to eat at home.

The premium frozen dessert range has been packaged in a see-through PET jar allowing the consumer to see the quality of the product packed inside. The jars are a generous 570ml in size making them a whopping 14% bigger than the 500ml tubs that have become common in the premium ice-cream market.

Gelista has been making premium gelati and ice-cream for leading chefs, restaurants and five star hotels for many years, built on a reputation for uncompromised quality. This quality is now available to the consumer to enjoy at home.

Every Gelista product is made with the same fundamental ethos that underpins everything they do:

The terroir of our ingredients, our crafting techniques, our commitment to innovation and our passion to indulge our customers come together to make a taste and texture that’s uniquely Gelista.

Founder, Managing Director and chief gelati artisan, Peter Cox, is adamant about living out the mantra.

“We take a long time to source the very best ingredients we can to make our products” says Mr. Cox. “If we can buy the best in South Australia, we do. If we can’t, we go where we can get the best”.

He explained that Gelista products had a characteristic quality that came from careful selection of ingredients. He believes that good food ingredients have a unique flavour based on where they have been grown – regional characteristics from the soil and climatic conditions that the French call ‘Terroir’.

Cox went on to explain. “Our Ricotta, fig and honey product is a classic example. We chose La Casa Del Formaggio ricotta because it is a very high quality ricotta made from milk supplied by a handful of family farms in the Fleurieu Peninsula south of Adelaide. Having consistent milk supply of a constant high quality means they can supply us with a ricotta that always has the same rich creamy flavour. They also don’t use any artificial chemical preservatives”.

“I wanted a fresh fig flavour, not burnt fig. I went out to find rich fruit with ripe sugars yet retaining fruit complexity – so for me it was Glen Ewin Estate figs from the Adelaide Hills … or it was nothing!

“As for honey, the choice was really easy – anyone who knows about the purity and flavour of Kangaroo Island honey would know that I would be uncompromising about using K.I. Honey in this product.”

Like a master wine maker blending different varietals of a wine appellation, Cox and his team blended the flavours so that they achieved the flavour and mouthfeel he was looking for in each product in the range. Carefully practiced crafting techniques deliver consistent high quality product.

Cox believes that the Gelista Jar packaging is a manifestation of their commitment to innovation but he doesn’t want the packaging to take attention away from the product.

“We have a fantastic product of the highest quality,” says Cox. “We wanted packaging that allows the customers to look at our product and see it’s good; we’ve got nothing to hide. But when they taste it, no matter how good it looks, we still want people to be surprised and delighted by its taste and texture.”

The Gelista range of 570ml consumer jars includes the following flavours:

  • Blood Orange & Dark Chocolate
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Classic Chocolate
  • Lightly Salted Caramel Macadamia
  • Coconut
  • Ricotta, Fig & Honey

The Gelista 570ml range is available at supermarkets and specialty stores with a premium food focus including:

  • Fairview Park Foodland
  • Frewville Foodland
  • Hahndorf IGA
  • Henley Beach Foodland
  • Littlehampton Foodland
  • Munno Para Foodland
  • North Adelaide Foodland
  • Norwood Foodland
  • Pasadena Foodland
  • Port Adelaide Foodland
  • Rostrevor Foodland
  • Sefton Park Foodland
  • Stirling Foodland
  • West Lakes Shore Foodland

About Gelista

Gelista was founded in 2009 by Peter Cox. Peter comes from a Tasmanian dairy farming family and worked as an accountant for a large dairy company. Concerned about the low prices farmers were receiving for their produce and an ongoing failure for premium farm produce to be transformed into high value foods, Peter left a comfortable professional career to become one of the best artisan gelati and ice-cream makers in the country.

Peter brought a deep understanding of the provenance and quality of premium farm produce to his philosophy of ingredients for his products. He travelled to Italy and other parts of the world learning about the artisan crafting techniques needed to make exceptional product. Constantly committed to innovation, Peter’s leadership of the Gelista team has seen the development of some exceptional products for both the consumer and food service market. Gelista makes products for some of the leading chefs as a result of the high quality level consistently delivered and the team’s passion (mainly reflecting Peter’s passion) to indulge customers with both taste and texture.

Gelista has won the following key awards for their product quality and business over the years – including Champion Ice-Cream in 2015:

  • 2015 Dairy Authority of SA Champion Ice-Cream – Vanilla Bean
  • 2014 Dairy Authority of SA Awards – Best Innovative Product
  • 2013 Premier Food Award Winner – Innovation award
  • 2013 Premier Food Award Winner – Business Development
  • 2011 Dairy Authority of SA Awards – Best Innovative Product and Top Gold Medal

Visit the Gelista website for more.

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