Agribusiness Growth Program

Ready to grow your business but not sure where to start?

Food South Australia, on behalf of Primary Industries and Regions SA is delivering the Agribusiness Growth Program to support value adding for small enterprises (with a turnover of $300,000-$1.5m) in the agriculture, food and beverage industries.

This program aims to accelerate business growth through expert business evaluation and coaching services for activities that will have a direct impact on your growth, and that you would not otherwise have undertaken.

It includes a comprehensive business evaluation of your current business position and growth plans, and provides recommendations for improvement. It also includes one-on-one business coaching to achieve the identified improvements needed for growth.


Eligible and accepted businesses will receive a free business evaluation.

What you get …

  • Site visit
  • Consultancy
  • Business evaluation report with recommended action plans

The business will receive an Evaluation Report with recommendations on how to improve the business to enable growth, including management skills that would benefit from coaching.


Eligible and accepted businesses will receive a funding grant that covers the cost of hiring expert business coaching services specific to the business improvement recommendation(s). This is capped at $10,000. However, the business may choose to go beyond this value at their cost.

Businesses will be required to co-contribute a minimum of 25% of the total cost of the business coaching services upfront. Businesses can choose a coaching service provider that meets pre-determined criteria.

What you get …

  • Choice of consultants
  • Assistance with initiating your action plan
  • One on one coaching

The coaching service is to provide a service to one or a small number of staff within the business to help them learn the required skills needed to address the chosen business improvement recommendation/s.


To be eligible South Australian businesses must:

  • be a financially viable and solvent South Australian registered agricultural value-adding, or food or beverage business
  • have been in operation for 2 years or more and incorporated in Australia with non-tax exempt status
  • have products and markets with the potential to expand
  • post farm-gate value adding activity considered eligible includes turning milk into yoghurt, bagging lettuces etc
  • be willing to provide information and data, including financial information to enable sound business evaluation
  • have an annual turnover between $0.3m and $1.5m
  • have some level of existing planning for growth which would benefit from independent review

Selection for the program is based on the businesses ability to satisfy the criteria and is on a first in first served basis up to the budget available.



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Jersey Fresh

Kernick family at Carcoola, Greenock, Barossa Valley, South Australia Photo: John Kruger

“Thanks Food South Australia for the opportunity to engage in the evaluation. The whole experience has been enlightening and empowering. As Dairy Farmers taking on the food industry we have certainly made some mistakes due to lack of business knowledge. I feel like this program is giving us a different direction and a manageable ‘to do’ list. Our evaluator has been wonderful, his meticulous research and willingness to better understand our industry gives us a great sense of comfort that this evaluation will point us in a positive direction.”
Lisa Werner, General Manager Accounts, Jersey Fresh

Barossa Traditional and Gourmet Pizza


“The business evaluation was really good as our food business has grown so quickly it highlighted that we are currently not set up correctly if we want to keep growing. I found our evaluator helpful in explaining where we could look at improving as well as the strengths of our business, and I appreciated his flexibility in working our meetings around the demands of the business. I’m keen now to get on with the business coaching as I can see a clear path forward for us.”
Donna Noble, Managing Director, Barossa Traditional and Gourmet Pizza

Fruit Wise


“We have found the Agribusiness Growth program really helpful in having someone visit and get to know our company from outside and who could look at our strategic opportunities in a different way. We knew we could improve our business and have had a clear goal for our growth. But because we are dealing at an operational level everyday it has been difficult to put in place the steps to achieve our vision. We now realise what we need to do. We are excited about the future and the next stage of program funding will help us get there. Thanks Food South Australia for your support and assistance.”
Bridget Beal, Managing Director, Fruit Wise


For more information on the Agribusiness Growth Program contact:
Samara Miller
Industry Development
8303 9417 or 0429 824 601

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