Coolsan Australia: SA’s ChillSafe a winner at Fine Food Melbourne

South Australian business Coolsan has scooped the coveted Best New Hospitality Equipment Product Award at Fine Food Melbourne, with their new product ChillSafe™ voted top by all judges.

ChillSafe is an environmentally safe sanitation product designed for commercial cool rooms and cold chain transport.

“To be judged unanimously as the best, with so many amazing products competing in the category, is just a great feeling,” Coolsan CEO and co-founder Thomas DeMasi said.

The judges all agreed ChillSafe, a product invented and made in Australia, is a positive step forward for cold chain food management, providing a simple and safe way to continuously reduce bacteria, mould, ethylene and odours in refrigerated areas.

ChillSafe uses oxygen vapour technology, a sustainable chemical disinfection process. Because it is activated by water vapour, it is able to pass through the chiller unit to reduce potentially harmful pathogens there as well as throughout the refrigerated space.

“Reducing pathogens and improving air quality offers immediate benefits in reducing stock wastage, especially for perishable product with short shelf life such as vegetables and herbs,” Mr DeMasi said.

“It also reduces odours, making a safer and more pleasant work environment for staff, and reduces the cold room downtime required to meet quality assurance cleaning requirements,” he said.

ChillSafe was developed by consultant chemist Dr Gary Erickson, and has been independently tested by SARDI. It is already in use in restaurants and pubs in South Australia and in food manufacturers in Victoria.

“We’ve had an amazing response to the product because it’s environmentally friendly. Food safety is vital and wastage is a real business risk in hospitality. We are very proud that ChillSafe is so easy to use and can deliver better pathogen reduction than many of the harmful chemicals currently on the market.”

“We are honoured and excited to win this award – it has really put ChillSafe on the map,” Mr De Masi said.

About Coolsan

  • Coolsan Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2014. It was co-founded by Thomas DeMasi and Dr Gary Erickson.
  • Thomas deMasi has been involved in the food industry in retailing and marketing for over 30 years.
  • Dr Gary Erickson is a consultant chemist and inventor with experience in scientific research and product development and background in quality assurance and biotechnology.
  • Coolsan is a member of Food South Australia and a partner of the Love Food Hate Waste global initiative.

About ChillSafe™

  • ChillSafe was developed and is manufactured in Australia. It is available online through and is distributed nationally.
  • The product is designed as a self-contained sachet, and is activated environmentally after positioning in the cool room or refrigerated transport container or vehicle. The disinfecting water vapour circulates through the chiller unit and the refrigerated space continuously following activation.
  • ChillSafe has no moving parts and requires no power to operate. It leaves no chemical residue on any surface, because only the reactive oxygen molecules circulate through the system.
  • ChillSafe reduces bacteria, moulds, yeasts and ethylene, reducing odours and pathogen risk. ChillSafe has been independently tested by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI).
  • Improved air quality and reduction in pathogens are proven to extend shelf life of fresh produce, reduce stock loss through spoilage and improve refrigerated work environments.

Visit the Coolsan website for more.

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