Meet our member: The Hills Cider Company

The Hills Cider Company produces ciders crafted from 100% fresh Adelaide Hills grown apples and pears, with absolutely no added concentrate, flavours, sugars or water.


Steve Dorman, Co-Director and Cider Maker for The Hills Cider Company gives an insight into what he thinks is great about the SA food industry, his greatest achievement and challenge and what inspires him about his work.

What’s great about the SA Food Industry?

The incredible quality and diversity of produce available right here in SA.

Greatest achievement

Being the first Australian cider producer to win champion in show at the Australian Cider Awards, an award historically only won by imported ciders!

Greatest Challenge

The lack of cider labelling laws in Australia. It makes it challenging for the customer to make an educated decision, and choose a cider made from 100% fresh Australian grown fruit, instead of a cider made from imported juice concentrate and flavours.

What inspires you about your work?

Working with fresh, locally grown produce, and having complete control of the product, from orchard to bottle.

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