Shanghai China International Food Exposition

To demonstrate the latest achievements of China’s food industry and promote international cooperation, China National Food Industry Association is going to hold “2014 Shanghai China International Food Exposition” at Shanghai Exhibition Center on 14-17 November 2014.

Now the committee sincerely invites you and your business to participate in the expo and the forums.

Food exposition include: dairy products, meat, condiments, candy and snack foods, baked, frozen foods, soy products, processed grain and oil, liquor etc.

Organizing committee invited leading international and renowned food companies to participate in the expo, promote food exchange and cooperation at home and abroad.

Alongside full-media publicity, the committee also invites dozens of authoritative bodies and professional media to promote the upcoming expo, to achieve the maximum recognition of this expo. By then, you and your business not only witness an annual food industry event but attain global attention.

Visit the Shanghai China International Food Exposition website for more.

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