Restaurant and Catering South Australia Industry Day 2014

The Restaurant & Catering SA event, Stirring the Pot, is an invaluable opportunity for members of the restaurant, catering, food and hospitality industries to come together as a freaternity and exchange thoughts, ideas and talk “industry speak”.

With a range of presenters to inform, stimulate and debate, this event is also an opportunity to reflect, converse and enjoy.

Presented by Restaurant & Catering SA this event provides an important priofessional development opportunity for industry.

It is structured but not prescriptive, with the participants ultimately guiding the direction of the discussion.

The event is comprised of a series of presentations and panels that address the direction that hospitality is taking in Australia.

They will discuss contemporary hospitality issues through presentations and a panel discussion.

Date: Tuesday 29th April 2014, 10am – 1pm • Venue: Adelaide Festival Centre – Lyrics Room
$50 for R&CSA Members – $100 for Non-members

Download the flyer for more information and to register.

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