Canadian Food Summit 2014 featuring Food SA

The upcoming 3rd Canadian Food Summit 2014: From Strategy to Action, is taking place March 18 and 19, 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Catherine Barnett, CEO of Food SA will be speaking at the event and am able to extend the special rate of $695 if you’d like to attend. Just enter Rebate Code SPKRF in the final step of the registration process to receive this special rate.

The Conference Board is hosting this major 2-day event to launch the Canadian Food Strategy, and explore ways to move it forward into meaningful, focused action.

The Summit focuses on implementing the actions recommended in the Canadian Food Strategy. The emphasis will be on leveraging opportunities and finding workable solutions—constructive ways to make the most of our opportunities, resources and talent to achieve the great economic potential of the food sector and meet the full range of Canadians’ food needs.

3rd Canadian Food Summit 2014 will feature international best practices in food strategy implementation from Scotland, Australia, the UK, and other leading countries in the midst of implementing their own national strategies. It will also feature delegate engagement sessions for stakeholders to explore how they can collaborate on implementing the Canadian Food Strategy, and help define a future Conference Board indicators report that will measure and track the food sector’s annual progress on achieving the goals and desired outcomes set-out in the Strategy.

The Summit will feature sessions and discussions on the following topics:

  • Unveiling the Canadian Food Strategy and Its Impact on the Food Sector
  • Developing a Food Export and Trade Action Plan to Grow Canada’s Food Sector
  • Exploring the Future of Supply Management in Canada
  • Implementing a Pan-Canadian School-Based Nutrition Program to Improve Childhood Obesity, Physical Inactivity and Hunger
  • Making Canada the World Leader in Food Safety
  • Achieving Sustainable Growth in Canada’s Fishery and Aquaculture Industries
  • Using Innovation and R&D to Develop New Healthy Food Products
  • Improving Food Security in Canada’s North and Rural and Remote Locations
  • World-Class Practices on Implementing International Food Strategies and Engaging the Key Players
  • Benchmarking Our Food Sector’s Environmental Performance

Visit the Canadian Food Summit website for more and to register.

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