Meet our member: Macro Meats and Gourmet Game

Macro Meats is an Adelaide based game meat processor established in 1988.

Macro Meat and Gourmet Game

Its core business if the processing and supply of human consumption kangaroo meat for the domestic and international markets.

Ray Borda, Managing Director shares his insight into the greatest achievement, his top three business tips, and inspiration.

Greatest achievement…

Our greatest achievement has been in elevating kangaroo meat from a pet food to a high value protein source internationally.

Top 3 business tips

Persistence, take the right path not the easy path and surround yourself with people who share your dream and passion.

What inspires you about your work?

The fact that kangaroo meat has so many benefits and how unique it is and the fanatical consumers that continually support us and give us positive feedback.

What best sums up your business…

Innovative, strong ethics, young enthusiastic team, always building for the future and world leaders in our field.

Visit the Macro Meats and Gourmet Game website for more.

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