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The latest from Food SA! We finalise our Competitive Assessment Panel and launch our new Members only area including a Member of logo, distributor database and Food SA Directory.


The Competitive Assessment Panel (CAP) program was supported by Enterprise Connect has been a great success with 45 products analysed for free by a panel of experts across the areas of product development, packaging, costing, to market and nutrition.

Participants have said the assessments have provided new insights and ideas to consider in improving their products. One of those companies was Laucke who submitted their Type 00 Flour which is in product development stages.

As a result of CAP feedback, we will delay the launch of Type OO Flour to enable us to fully integrate the expert advice. CAP feedback was extremely informative, and whilst we only presented one Stock Keeping Unit (sku) to the panel, the Type OO Flour format will be rolled out and applied to approximately 6 skus. Specific feedback relating to: product size, style, graphics, message, nutritional panels, allergen statements market appeal were valuable in adapting our product to be more ‘market ready” said Darren Curnow, National Sales Manager, Laucke Flour.

We were interested in market feedback, and CAP provided a succinct, professional means of gaining expert feedback in a way which we will integrate to maximize the market appeal of our new product Type OO Flour.


Available now on our website is a range of exclusive resources for members. All members should now have received your login to access this area.


Food SA has developed a ‘Member of’ logo for companies who would like to highlight their membership of Food SA. An ideal way to use the Member of Logo is on your website and linking to Food SA. The Member of Logo can be downloaded ready to use from the Member Only login section of our website.


A national list of contact details for over 110 distributors across each state, accessed via the Member Only login section of our website.


Discover the members of Food SA, support the South Australian food industry, find a local provider and source products and ingredients. The new online Food SA Directory which has started to rollout, is designed to promote member companies and the SA food industry to the world, serving as a connection point with local, domestic and international, buyers and consumers. The Directory is a key member benefit and provides an exclusive profile for each Food SA member detailing contact details, logo, promotional images, company introduction and descriptions on their products, packaging and markets. All members will be able to edit and update their profile as often as required through an easy to use online process. We encourage non-members to consider membership with Food SA to take advantage of the Directory and be a part of this significant industry resource.

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