Meet our member: Thistle Be Good

Thistle Be Good produces a range of three dukkah, three ready to cook risottos and three ready to cook couscous and will be re-releasing our rub range later this year (honest!).

Thistle Be Good

Operating since 2002 and in the past 8 months (thanks to new product ranges), Thistle Be Good’s turnover has grown by almost 100%!

Jacqui Good, Owner provides her insights into what’s great about the SA food industry, greatest challenge, three things we may not know about Thistle Be Good and the qualities she cultivates for her company.

What’s great about the SA Food Industry

Food businesses in SA do not appear to see other similar businesses as threats, but rather as a source of knowledge and experience! People are very happy to share information and to help where they can.

Greatest challenge …

Greatest challenge is trying to keep some kind of personal and family (and garden!) life whilst business demands more and more time from me.

Three things you may not know about us…

  • Jacqui is a Scottish woman, in Australia, making Egyptian products!
  • One of the first businesses in Australia to make dukkah (and the best….!)
  • Was one of the instrumental drivers behind the Community Kitchen in Willunga, which helped many business get into the Willunga Farmers Market 9 years ago.

What positive qualities/character do you try to cultivate in your company?

Clear, open and honest communication amongst staff. In production and packaging, everyone has to have the same high attention to detail and quality as I do.

Visit the Thistle Be Good website for more.

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