As the state’s peak industry body, Food South Australia is dedicated to growing markets, capabilities and connections for the food and beverage industry in South Australia.

We are an independent, industry-led and membership-based organisation representing small, medium and large food manufacturing companies based in South Australia. Our mission is to support and sustain the state’s food and beverage industry and provide the industry with a united voice. Food South Australia’s services for, and on behalf of, our members include market and industry development and industry advocacy.

Growing markets

Opportunities to showcase your brand to the markets you want to reach.

Growing business

Programs and support to grow your business capability and capacity.

Growing connections

Connecting you with the food industry: expert service providers, technical advisors, buyers, and more.

Who can join?

Food South Australia membership is open to:

  • Food and beverage manufacturers, processors and producers with the head office or majority of operations based in South Australia
  • Industry service providers with the head office or majority of operations based in South Australia who manufacture products or offer services used in the food or beverage production process
  • Industry associations representing South Australian food and beverage manufacturers and producers

Membership packages are tailored to suit your business priorities and objectives, and additional support can be negotiated at an hourly rate for special projects. Membership includes exclusive access to:

Food and beverage manufacturers and processors

Export Membership Packages

Our export membership packages offer expert support and access tailored to the specific export needs of South Australian food manufacturers.

  • Premium Export Membership

  • Price on application

  • Our Premium Export Membership packages are individually tailored for your specific export business requirements and are designed to meet your specific business growth objectives. Your package will be tailored to your export market destination needs, support requirements and budget.

  • Export Ready Membership

  • $4,400
  • /year (inc gst)

  • The Export Ready package is designed for food manufacturers taking the first steps towards establishing export markets and sales. This package focuses on business and market development support to achieve export sales.

Domestic membership packages

If your business focus is on Australian markets, our domestic food manufacturer membership packages are designed for you. Food South Australia’s domestic membership packages have been developed to enable you to select the level of service and support you want for your business, as well as ensuring a range of capacity and capability building opportunities to support your business success.

  • Premium Domestic Membership

  • $2,200
  • /year (inc gst)
  • Premium Domestic membership is designed for medium or large established food and beverage manufacturing businesses, who are focusing on growing domestic sales.

  • Domestic Growth Membership

  • $990
  • /year (inc gst)
  • The Domestic Growth membership is for small to medium businesses focused on expanding interstate sales and distribution. This package is designed to help you connect with the right support to help you achieve your growth goals.

  • New Business Membership

  • $495
  • /year (inc gst)

  • Our new business package is available to food and beverage businesses for your first year of membership. As a new food business, you may be aiming to make your products available right across South Australia or taking your first steps towards markets outside our state. You are actively sorting out your systems, employment and product development. This package is all about giving you the right support to answer your questions, connect you with help and ensure your business is geared for successful growth.

  • Sole Trader

  • $325
  • /year (inc gst)

  • The Sole Trader package is for owner/operators of food or beverage production or processing businesses.

Service provider membership

Service provider membership of Food South Australia is open to businesses based in South Australia currently servicing food manufacturer customers with goods or services used in the food or beverage production process. As a Food South Australia member, you will have opportunities to build connections with customers in the South Australian food industry and stay informed of industry trends and issues.

  • Premium Package

  • $2,200
  • /year (inc gst)

  • Our Premium service provider package has been created for businesses looking for enhanced opportunities to engage with customers in the South Australian food industry.

  • Essentials Package

  • $550
  • /year (inc gst)

  • The Essentials package is designed for businesses looking to connect with the South Australian food industry.


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