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Victual is a market leader in the delivery of tailored risk management strategies for the unique risks faced by the food industry. We switch the focus on this critical business function from loss prevention to value creation.

Too often risk is perceived as purely an effort to avoid loss. But in business, we take risks every day in an effort to create and capture value. With over 20 years’ experience in the risk management industry, the Victual team have been committed to delivering tailored risk management solutions to organisations in the food industry that delivers sustained value for their business.

Numerous research studies have concluded that companies with more mature risk management practices outperform their peers financially, by up to 40%. At Victual we help companies navigate the multitude of risks that keep executives awake at night, by developing tailored frameworks, systems and processes to a point at which risk management is used to create a competitive advantage that unlocks hidden profits from your value chain.

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