2 - 4 Shipwright Road, LARGS NORTH, SA 5016

Two Gulfs Crab

Providing premium handpicked blue swimmer crab meat as a fresh product.

A vertically integrated company, Two Gulfs Crab is the marketing arm for our wildcatch blue crab pot fishing business established 30 years ago. Working from Adelaide and Wallaroo, product is unloaded three times a week for maximum freshness and picked the next day at the Largs North factory. Available to restaurants, retail and factory direct from our premises.

We supply pre-prepared crab meat, which is never frozen and packed in various sizes. We also supply cleaned and split green Two Gulfs Crab in the shell, with the back removed, broken in half and cleaned to provide a convenient, restaurant style look, as well as whole frozen Two Gulfs crab on request.

  • Markets: NSW, SA, VIC

Supplying to restaurants, retailers and factory direct from premises at Largs North.

  • Processing capabilities: Hand packing, Seafood processing, Vacuum chilling

Fresh cooked blue swimmer crabs are manually picked as a fresh product to be eaten within 5-7 days of picking.

  • Packaging capabilities: Hand packed
  • 100, 200, 250, 500gm or 1kg packs of of handpicked blue swimmer crab meat.

  • Storage: Fresh

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