22-23 Heritage Court, OAKDEN, SA 5086

True Blue Dips

A well-established, South Australian, family-owned business manufacturing a range of gourmet seafood dips.

True Blue Dips produce premium quality dips made with real seafood – that’s why we are ‘true blue’.

Chili Crab, Thai Crab, Prawn and Mango, Chunky Crab, Chunky Prawn and Salmon Trout Mousse.

Spread it, stir it, dip it. Eat it your way.

  • Markets: QLD, SA

True Blue Dips is contracted with distributor One Foods SA and available in selected Foodlands, IGAs and small boutique gourmet shops throughout South Australia.

  • Processing capabilities: Cold fill and processing

Sourcing quality ingredients, our dips are made from scratch in a small production factory where the ingredients are mixed together in a large Hobart mixer and then fed through a packaging machine.

  • Packaging capabilities: Form fill seal
  • 150gm plastic tub with heat sealed foil topper and plastic lid.

  • Storage: Chilled

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