12 Pine Freezers Road, PORT LINCOLN, SA 5606

Tony’s Tuna International

Tony's Tuna International is committed to the long-term sustainability of Southern Bluefin Tuna in our oceans.

Tony Santic, a pioneer in Australia’s Tuna industry, established Tony’s Tuna International Pty Ltd in 1994. A tuna fisherman since 1970 Tony started ranching tuna in 1992. Currently the second largest Southern Bluefin Tuna ranch in Australia, we are also the only operator with the ability to control the entire process; that is ranching, feeding, catching, processing and freezing our product.

Tony’s Tuna International catches, ranches, and processes fresh and ultra low temperature frozen southern Bluefin tuna without requiring external contractors or assistance. Managing the entire process continues to allow flexibility in the type and style of products Tony’s Tuna International can produce. Fresh or frozen Southern Bluefin Tuna plus processed products.

  • Markets: Export

Our export markets include Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. We are also EU accredited.


    Fresh Products include processed gilled and gutted (head on or off), fillets or loins resulting in a better flavour, texture and freshness all round. Frozen Southern Bluefin Tuna: our ultra low freezing facility is the only -65C self contained facility in the Southern Hemisphere. Available processed gilled and gutted (head on or off), processed in fillet and loin.

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