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Thistle Be Good

Since 2001, Thistle Be Good have been producing top quality dukkah, ready to cook risotto, couscous and quinoa, plus a range of spice rubs.

Thistle Be Good have been producing top quality dukkah since 2001. We have gradually increased our range over the years to include ready to cook risotto and couscous and a range of Spice Rubs. Our latest range 3 Quinoa released in Oct 2012 are taking the shelves by storm. We believe that we should never produce anything that we don’t love to eat ourselves.

Products include three quinoas (Persian with Date and Pistachio, Porcini with Roasted Garlic, and Sundried Tomato and Olive), three dukkah (Egyptian, Bush Tucker and chilli), three risotto (Wild Mushroom and Tarragon, Rustic Vegetable with Rosemary and Green Pea, Lemon and Mint), three couscous (Moroccan with Currants, Spiced with Apricot and Roasted Almond with Cardamom) and six spice rubs from BBQ to Mexican.

  • Markets: Domestic

Thistle be Good can be found throughout Australia in selected premium food outlets including delis, independent supermarkets, wineries, quality fruit and vegetable stores. We have distributors for each state of Australia, please see our website.

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