44 Towers Terrace, EDWARDSTOWN, SA 5039

The Prep House & Fresh Stock

We manufacture a range of food products for food service clients, all traditionally made by the trusted hands and hearts of our chefs.

We are a family owned and operated business who, through maintaining quality, integrity and consistency, have been able to build up a solid reputation in the food service industry as the ‘go to’ place for outsourcing food service products. We supply to chefs and home cooks alike with products from our extensive list and one off batches on request. We also create products for other labels.

Our range includes beef, chicken, vegetable and other stocks, Red Wine Jus, Classic Duck Confit, Slow-cooked Beef Cheeks, Lasagne, Spring Rolls, Laksa, Bouillabaisse, Beef Ribs, Chilli Jam, Butter Chicken, and Stroganoff, plus other products on request.

  • Markets: SA only, Export

We currently supply predominantly locally within South Australia, to chefs in restaurants or hotels and the retail sector. We also have customers in Singapore supplying our products to retail and Michelin-starred restaurants.

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