Corner Angle Vale and Johns Roads, VIRGINIA, SA 5120

The Mitolo Group

The Mitolo Group is a family owned company based in South Australia exporting potatoes, onions, olive oil and wine.

The Mitolo Group is a family-owned company based in South Australia, supplying potatoes, onions, olive oil and wine to a number of domestic and overseas markets. Their longstanding relationships with reliable growers, ecologically-sound farming practices and cutting-edge processing and packing technology, has afforded them a reputation for consistently high quality produce.

A leading potato and onion packing company with brands Comit Farm, Scorpion and Carisma supplying fresh produce to Australia’s supermarkets, wholesalers and export markets overseas. ollo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a household name two blends Fresh & Fruity and Mild & Mellow. Mitolo Wines is inspired by the family’s Italian heritage.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

Exporting ollo Olive Oil to China, Singapore, Brazil and Canada while Mitolo Wines has swiftly achieved international recognition and is exported to over 22 countries.


    We can pack 500 tonnes of potatoes and process 100 tonnes of onions each day. Our olive oil is packaged in uniquely crafted bottles available in 250ml, 500ml bottle and refill, 1 litre and 10 litre food service.

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