PO Box 259, RENMARK, SA 5341

The Kumquatery

The Kumquatery is situated in the Riverland, South Australia. Andrew and Patria have been involved in kumquat production since 2006.

Andrew and Patria grow over 500 citrus kumquat trees, consisting of 2 varieties, Nagami – tangy sweet, and Marumi – sweet rind. They are high in vitamin C and each have a distinctive flavour. The kumquats are hand picked, processed and stored in coolrooms on site to guarantee high quality produce year round.

We produce a range of products including candied nagami (compliments cheese and nut platters), candied marumi (ideal to add to desserts), kumquat krumble (add to puddings, cakes, etc), de-hy kumquats (thinly sliced dried kumquats), kumquat syrup (glaze meats or add to desserts), and kumquats in syrup (great with desserts).

  • Markets: Domestic

Happy to deal with wholesale and retail orders Australia wide. Orders can be made via web, email and phone.


    Candied kumquats and Kumquat krumble are packed in polypropylene bags ranging in size from 100g to 500g packs. De-Hy kumquats are packed in polypropylene bags in 50g and 100g packs. The syrup combinations are in 250ml glass jars.

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