80 Clifford Road, HILLIER, SA 5116

The Food Forest

The Food Forest is a permaculture farm that produces 160 varieties of organically certified food and specialises in the teaching of ecologically sustainable property design and self-reliance.

Annemarie and Graham Brookman, with their children Tom and Nikki, have over 15 years of sustainable gardening, farming and building experience. Through practical short courses in the middle of their working property, they share their vast knowledge and demonstrate to ordinary families how they too can easily create a productive and diverse landscape for existing and future generations.

The Food Forest produces 160 varieties of fruits, nuts and vegetables, and while most of these products are consumed within their bio-region, their organically certified pistachio nuts, pecan nuts and carob beans are delivered to customers all around Australia.

  • Markets: Domestic

The Food Forest sells its products each fortnight at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market as well as online.

  • Processing capabilities: Blending, Bottling, Container filling
  • Packaging capabilities: Bottle, Jar, Labelling, Recyclable
  • Other than bottled wine most of our product is fresh produce being sold at the Farmers’ Market allowing customers to choose their items and bag or basket them as they prefer.

  • Storage: Ambient, Fresh

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