PO Box 111, PARNDANA, SA 5220

The Figgery Kangaroo Island

The Figgery grows and processes figs on Kangaroo Island, producing preserved figs and fig syrup.

The Figgery is a small family owned business on Kangaroo Island, growing and processing olives and figs. All fruit used in production is produced on the property using organic farming methods, and all processing and packing is in-house.

Sticky figs are delicious as a snack or combined with sharp cheeses, walnuts and almonds. Sticky Fig Syrup is a by-product of the process, reduced till shelf-stable with an indefinite shelf life. The flavour is intense and reminiscent of maple syrup. Used as a topping on desserts but equally at home with grilled meats, soft cheeses and salads.

  • Markets: SA only

Distribution is currently restricted to Kangaroo Island and Adelaide due to supply of fruit. We supply high-end tourism accommodation businesses, restaurants, specialty food stores and IGA’s.

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