Lot 12 Tozer Road, WATERLOO CORNER, SA 5110

SA Mushrooms

Owned and operated by the Femia family, Sam, Nick and Nat strive for premium quality. SA Mushrooms is the second largest privately owned mushroom farm in SA.

Established 1998 SA Mushrooms is a modern climate controlled facility located in Waterloo Corner (Virginia), with sales warehouse located in Adelaide Produce Markets.

Mushrooms have zero fat and zero cholesterol. One portobello mushroom has more potassium than a banana. Mushrooms, like humans produce vitamin D when in sunlight. Mushrooms contain Riboflavin, niacin, folate and thiamine.

  • Markets: Domestic

After vacuum cooling we deliver to our South Australian distribution warehouse in Adelaide Produce Markets. Our interstate customers include Perth, Melbourne, Darwin and Sydney.


    Our mushrooms are delicately hand picked into 4 kg boxes. This one touch system ensure’s an efficient and clean procedure. Whole and sliced mushrooms are also pre-packed into 250 gram punnets available at local greengrocers, IGA and Foodland stores.

  • Storage: Fresh

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