PO Box 178, TARLEE, SA 5411

Rohde’s Free Range Eggs

For over 50 years family owned business Rohde's Free Range Eggs have been producing (or our chooks have) the highest quality free range eggs from our farm on the edge of the pristine Clare Valley.

We are the only RSPCA accredited Free Range Egg producer in South Australia, so our customers can be assured that our birds are treated humanely and are left to roam freely in our paddocks to do the things that chooks love to do. Our numbers are 1,500 birds per hectare so are genuine free range. We have approximately 40,000 birds on our property that produce in the vicinity of 32,000 eggs per day. Every aspect of our business is conducted from our farm and we take pride in producing the highest quality eggs and delivering the freshest possible to our customers.

We have various sizes available. 500g, 600g, 700g and 800g weights.

  • Markets: Domestic

We currently supply to approximately 30 Foodland and IGA stores across metropolitian Adelaide and regional stores. Our eggs are also sold in Adelaide Fresh stores and many other quality Fruit and Veg stores across Adelaide and suburbs. We also supply to numerous restaurants and cafe’s. Overall we have over 150 customers that love our eggs!


    Our eggs are available in both dozen carton packs and also catering tray sizes, in boxes containing 15 dozen. We also have half dozen’s boxes containing 30 units.

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