71 Glynburn Road, GLYNDE, SA 5070

Robern Menz

Robern Menz is a 108 year old fourth generation family run business located at Glynde. Led today by brothers Philip and Richard Sims, it is South Australia's largest confectioner. The company's brands include - Menz Confectionery (including the SA Icon Menz FruChocs) and Violet Crumble.

Robern Menz is a food manufacturer, product innovator and a builder of brand champions. The company focuses on key markets that offer strong growth, profit opportunity and market sustainability. Niche opportunities enable a differentiated strategy to other industry players and enable the business to establish successful partnerships with customers.

The Menz product range includes FruChocs, SultanaChocs, PeanutChocs, AlmondChocs, Choc Honeycomb, Choccy Snakes, RaspberryChocs, Turkish Delight, Crown Mints and more. Robern has two ranges under this brand – ‘Delightfuls’ and no added sugar ‘Frulicious’.

  • Markets: Domestic, Export

Markets include national grocery chains, route trade customers, variety chains and home manufacturing multinational partnerships.


    Retail products are packaged in polypropylene or metalized polypropylene.
    Packaging sizes vary from 40g to 800gm.
    Food service products are packed in plastic bags in cardboard cartons.

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