278 Anderson Road, LOXTON NORTH, SA 5333

Riverland Pomegranates

We have a small pomegranate orchard supplying the fresh fruit market. After recently purchasing another block of land, we will be growing our business with the aim to produce value added products.

Beginning as a wine grape and citrus business in the early 90s, we are now diversifying with pomegranates. Our second orchard will be in production in a few years and, with an innovative approach to growing pomegranates, we hope to develop our brand so that we will be leaders in the industry. While waiting for our new trees to mature, we will be working hard to develop value-added products.

Fresh pomegranates, products include: large premium and string bags of smaller or marked fruit with minimum net weight of 1kg

  • Markets: SA only

Exclusively supplying premium supermarkets in Adelaide.

  • Processing capabilities: Hand packing

Hand picked and packed.

  • Packaging capabilities: Bag or pouch, Box, Hand packed, Labelling, Tray or skin
  • Premium fruit sold in cardboard trays with plastic moulded tray liners, either 6 or 8 mod trays with liners. Smaller, marked fruit in string bags with minimum net weight of 1kg. Cartons of juicing fruit.

  • Storage: Fresh

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