336A South Road, CROYDON PARK, SA 5008

Raw Nation Wholefoods

Agostino Estate started in 2004, as a small wholesale company trading as Fruitalicious. Now we are Raw Nation Wholefoods, trading as Crudo and Fruitalicious, majoring in retail business.

In today’s era where people have busy lifestyles and still wish to stay healthy, Raw Nation Wholefoods strive to help educate our customers to eat healthier, fresher produce and ingredients. We deliver fresh straight to your door.

Salads: high protein, superfood premium range. Fresh cut fruits: individual 300gm packs. Vegetable: mixes for stir fry, pizza toppings. Nutri: ready to eat healthy meals. Soups: vegetarian and high protein range. Smoothie blends: range of fruit and vegetables ready to blend and drink. Yofru: a refreshing mix of yoghurt and seasonal fruit.

  • Markets: SA only, SA regional only

At present we supply Coles, Woolworths, Ikea, Foodland, OTR, Vili’s and Cibo.

  • Processing capabilities: Blast chilling/freezing, Blending, Container filling, Cooking, Free from, Hand packing, High care and specialty, Hot fill-chill, Seafood processing, Vegetable processing

Currently all products are manually packed, however we are moving into semi-automation and eventually full automation.

  • Packaging capabilities: Bag or pouch, Box, Single serve
  • We have different options in the packaging varying from tamper proof to hinged plastic containers. The salads weigh from 225gm to 300gm and fruits vary from 275gm to 500gm. We also have bulk salads and fruits weighing from 1.5kg to 2.5kg.

  • Storage: Chilled, Fresh

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