452 Womma West Road, PENFIELD, SA 5121

Penfield Olives

A family owned company growing and processing table olives.

Our core business is the processing of table olives, and we also have incorporated olive oil and pickled onions into our range. We pit, slice and halve our table olives for the convenience of our customers.

Our table olives are available in a range of varieties including whole, pitted and sliced Kalamata, jumbo green (blonde), whole green, pitted green, stuffed green and baby Kalamata olives. Penfield Olives Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a unique quality, first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil that reflects the well-known fresh and fruity characteristics of South Australia.

  • Markets: NSW, SA, VIC, WA
  • Packaging capabilities: Bottle, Jar
  • We pack 380g and 1kg glass jars of olives and also 2kg and 10kg plastic pails. Olive oils are packed in 500ml, 750ml and 2lt glass bottles and 20lt plastic containers. Pickled onions are in 500g glass jars.

  • Storage: Ambient, Chilled

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